Gymstick - May 2017

Gymstick - May 2017 Listen to Sample

64 Min

Gymstick International has teamed up with Power Music to create the ultimate "Trio" playlist for your classes. Trios are an interval training format, in which Gymstick uses a progressive overload theory. Three exercises are performed twice within a five minute block. Each exercise is performed for 30 seconds, with a 10 second rest between the first and second exercise and a 20 second break between the two halves of the trio. Full of energy, fun and an easy to follow format, we have compiled the perfect mix of current and classic songs to keep your classes simply effective! Featuring tracks like “Can You Feel It,” “You Are the Sunshine of my Life,” “Sexy and I Know It,” and more. This mix also works well for any aqua or land classes in which you create your own trio exercises!

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