Step Choreography Compilation Vol. 1

Step Choreography Compilation Vol. 1

90 Minutes

Find new energy with new moves. Keep your class pumping.

Previously only available as Digital Downloads, this collection of our popular Step Choreography is available for the first time on DVD. Featuring 15 Intermediate and Advanced Choreography combos. In each combo you'll see each variation performed 4 times on each side in a quick 3 - 5 minute video.

No need to spend $20 or more for a DVD only to walk away with one or two useable combinations for your next class. This DVD contains over an hour and a half of pure choreography, more new Choreography then you will find in any other single DVD. An affordable way to freshen up your class and stay up on the latest moves. Watch, replay, learn and go... it's pure motivation!

We know your time is short, and we know you like to break down and process combos down in your own way… so we’ll get right to the point! Every Power Music choreography download is a complete self-reversing 32-count combination. You’ll see each combo in a quick 3 – 5 minute video download in the following order:

The full combo is its final form.

Layer 1 – the most basic version

Layer 2 –variations introduced

Layer 3 – the final version; you’ll see the full self-reversing combo on each side.

Unique Moves and Footwork – you’ll see all unique moves plus the entire combo (on each side) a close up level.

Our choreography is designed to be practical and completely usable in real classes. Intermediate combos will motivate you with simple, yet fun moves that you can literally watch once or twice and take it to your next class. Advanced combos are designed to give you a little more of a challenge, but still consist of moves that can be implemented in a real class.

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