Divas Only! Vol. 1 Filter Disco

Divas Only! Vol. 1 Filter Disco

Date:November, 2006
Runtime:60 Minute, Single CD

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Unleash your inner Diva with Divas Vol. 1 Filter Disco! This incredible mix of 20 classic disco hits will energize, inspire and make you oh so happy! Mixed live by a DJ, these musical treats are jam packed with hi-energy, fantastic, fun tracks that are going to make you move and groove! Get those hands up, be free and get ready to boogie - its disco time!

140 Respectable
140 Do You Wanna Funk
140 Get Up & Boogie
140 Vogue vs. I Want Your Love
140 Disco Fever
140 Disco Beat
140 Higher & Higher
140 Le Freak
140 GrooveJet
140 I Love America
140 Love Is In the Air
140 Upside Down
140 Don't Leave Me This Way
140 Let's All Chant
140 This Time I Know It's For Real
140 You're the First
140 Open Your Heart
140 Total Eclipse of the Heart
140 Never Can Say Goodbye
140 Can't Take My Eyes Off You

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