Divas Only! Vol. 3 Essential Dance

Divas Only! Vol. 3 Essential Dance

Date:October, 2006
Runtime:60 Minute, Single CD

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Divas Vol. 3 Essential Dance is divalicious! These divas are rockin' the dance floor in this definitive collection of hot tunes and fiery anthems! Highlights include, "Come On Get Up," "Jenny From The Block," "Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie," and "Whenever, Wherever."

Workout One
BPMSong Title
140 So In Love With Two
140 Come On Get Up
140 Voices
140 Happy People
140 Jenny From The Block
140 Stand
140 What U Do 2 Me
140 Happiness
140 Above The Clouds
140 Gimme Gimme Gimme
140 Whenever, Wherever
140 Oh L'amour
140 Played-A-Live
140 Gonna Get You
140 Thea Folli'
140 Stand Still
140 Airwave
140 I Learned From The Best
140 In My Arms
140 Clocks

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