Aerobics PowerMix 48

Aerobics PowerMix 48

Date:October, 2006
Runtime:90 Minutes, Double CD

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Aerobics PowerMix 48 is another exciting release of the sensationally successful Aerobic PowerMix series. Blending the hottest music from around the globe is what has made this series so intriguing, Aerobics PowerMix 48 is no exception. This album incorporates Euro club anthems, the freshest dance beats and popular top 40 hits! Featured songs include classics like "Mr. Roboto" and "Let The Sun Shine In," and energy filled party anthems like "You Gotta Fight For Your Right" and "Notorious." This is definitely an album that you don't want to miss!

138     Let The Sunshine In
142     One Sign
146     Rhythm Is A Dancer 2004
150     Shame Shame Shame
152     Young Turks
154     Jackie
156     Mr. Roboto
158     Stay
160     White Stripes

137     Notorious
141     Let Your Body Fly
145     Make My Body
147     You Gotta Fight For Your Right
148     Don't Stop The Party
148     Does Your Mother Know
149     Everything I Do I Do It For You
149     Dust.wav
149     Holding Out For A Hero


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