The Ultimate 90's Collection Vol. 5

The Ultimate 90's Collection Vol. 5

Date:January, 2007
Runtime:3 Hours 45 Min. - 5 CDs

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The Ultimate 90's Collection! 45 Radio Dance Essentials. Over 3 1/2 hours of your favorite music from the 90's. Mixed by fitness professionals with perfect 32 count phrasing.  (Sorry no preview clips available for these collections)

Disc One BPM Disc One Titles
126 Cruel Summer
126 Touch Me (All Night Long)
126 Get Up! (Before The Night Is Over)
127 Supermodel (You Better Work)
127 I`ll Never Break Your Heart
127 This Is How We Party
128 You Won`t Forget Me
128 Anytime
128 Together Forever
Disc Two BPM Disc Two Titles
125 Strike It Up
125 Together Again
125 Spice Up Your Life
126 Show Me Your Love
126 Love Is Alive
126 She Drives Me Crazy
127 As Long As You Love Me
127 Honey
127 Tub Thumping
Disc Three BPM Disc Three Titles
128 Say..If You Feel Alright
128 Where Do You Go?
128 You Must Love Me
129 Stranger In Moscow
129 Keep The Music Strong
129 Snapshot
130 Never Miss The Water
130 It Could`ve Been You
130 Paradise Is Here
Disc Four BpM Disc Four Titles
123 Love For Love
123 Living In Danger
124 Amazing
125 Excited
125 Yesterday When I Was Mad
126 Hit By Love
126 I Love Music
127 To The Rhythm
127 Exterminate
Disc Five BPM Disc Five Titles
125 Baby One More Time
125 Because of You
125 It`s Not Right
126 All I Have To Give
126 Hands
127 Nothing Really Matters
127 Don`t Let This Moment End
128 Lately
128 From This Moment On


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