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750+ albums ready to go

If you’re looking for inspiration or simply prefer an album that’s ready for action, we’ve got your back! Plenty of choices for all types of workouts that are guaranteed to bring the sweat and the smiles.

10,000+ tracks to create your own custom mixes

You’re the DJ! Choose a song. Choose an order. Choose a tempo. Our revolutionary ClickMix software does the rest. New songs added every week.

Want to use your music with ours? Done.

Combine songs from your device with Power Music songs and craft playlists that are as unique as you and the workouts you design.

Be the master of tempo and time

Change the tempo on the fly and use the built in timers so you don’t miss a beat!

iOS and Android

Power Music Now doesn’t discriminate. It makes all these features available on both iOS and Android.

Why Membership Rocks!

  • 750+ premixed albums

  • 10,000+ tracks for custom mixes

  • Exclusive mixes

  • Integrate songs from your device

  • Change tempo on the fly

  • Built in timers

  • Android & iOS

  • (Intl.) 100% PPL & PPCA free

  • No wifi needed

  • Clean lyrics

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