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The Presenters Session - Clay Grant - Rhythm Master

Runtime:60 Minutes



The "Presenter Sessions" series is the ultimate collaboration of music and fitness. Deekron "The Fitness DJ" teams up with today's most promising Group Fitness Presenters to bring you music that is unique, forward-thinking, and proven at the highest levels of instruction.

In "Rhythm Master" - the 1st CD in the series - Deekron teams up with International Fitness Presenter Clay Grant. Together they create a CD that is nothing short of irresistible. Strong Tribal House drums create addictive rhythms and set a back drop for exciting elements, including remakes of songs by Shakira, Missy Elliott, and even the infamous Rick James.

This CD was initially "tested" at a national fitness conference in Florida. The way Deekron explains it "Clay was really feeling the CD, and the class was going nuts. It felt like a total party in there – and it was only 10AM on a Saturday morning!"

Clay declares "I feel this CD captures the power of rhythm perfectly. You can't possibly listen to this and not move!"

This CD has been used successfully to present Dance as well as Kickboxing, including Power Strike.

Prepare your students for a fun ride of Rhythm, Power, and Energy!

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