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Willow Two (Revised)




    •    4 Meditation methods (fully guided and non guided)
    •    Full scripts and timing of all meditations
    •    2 Full Tabata workouts (One Silver workout for seniors)
    •    Customized iso-chronic tone Meditation music
    •    Customized iso-chronic tone Meditation music
    •    Full length videos of the entire class for personal and class use

Willow is a combination meditation / Interval workout class designed around the largest international scientific study on fundamental well-being, which included over 1,200 participants on 6 continents.  The resulting benefits being participants lost significant weight, increased self-esteem, and gained a positive outlook. There was also a 49% decrease in clinical depression, a 46% decrease in negative emotion, and a 42% INCREASE in happiness. Willow’s easy to learn meditation
techniques paired with a variety of fun Intervals and Tabatas is a fun and energizing class. Willow delivers and experience like no other; 6PACK Abs + 6PACK Mind.

Your students will love that they can get intense cardio and grounding meditation all in one class (talk about a time saver!) They will keep coming back for more as they begin to experience the long-term benefits of grounding meditation and get leaner and stronger from those Tabatas!

Equipment Needed: Yoga mat

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